Marble Kitchen Benchtops Sydney

The inherent sophistication of marble and its exquisite looks have become a reason why it has become a rage for benchtops, pavers and tiles. AUSK Corporation prides itself in being one of the key suppliers of marble wares in an around Australia.

Why Marble Kitchen Benchtops Sydney?

We at AUSK Corporation provide a wide range of premium marble wares. Apart from benchtops we also provide with high quality marble pavers and tiles. Choose marble ware because:

  • Marble have always been a sign of subtlety, elegance and understated beauty. They increase the sophistication quotient of your kitchen manifolds.
  • They come in a wide variety of colours ranging from stark white to shades of yellow, red, green, blue grey etc. and textures.
  • If taken proper care of, they last for a really long time and look beautiful.
  • The extremely smooth surface of the marble benchtops in Sydney can be used for rolling dough and other pastry work etc.

Installation of marble wares:

Marble is an investment that pays off amazingly in the long run, only if it is taken care of nicely. Here are some of the most common things you should know about marble:

  • It is a metamorphic, calcium carbonate-based stone formed as a result of crystallization of limestone under extreme pressure and heat.
  • Available in two variants- calcite and dolomite. The clouds, veining and varied textures found in marble are a direct result of those.
  • Can have a wide variety of colour and it is directly dependant on its mineral compositions.
  • Is highly susceptible to abrasion.
  • Is highly susceptible to corrosion.
  • Has low tolerance of acid attack.
  • Might need sealing before use.

How to take care of marble benchtops?

As mentioned earlier, before installing marble pavers or marble tiles in Sydney, it is imperative that one must know how fragile the material can be. However, if taken proper care of, it will last for a really long time in its full glory. Here are some tips and tricks of the trade, to take care of your marble wares:

  • As they have low abrasion resistance, avoid cutting or dicing directly on the counter tops.
  • Use protective cutting boards.
  • Avoid cleaners that contain a high amount of abrasives.
  • Inappropriate cleaners can corrode your marble. As it’s tolerance to acid levels is pretty low, it is advisable not to use even mild acids to clean your marble pavers, tiles or benchtops.
  • Avoid spilling lemon juice, tomato juice, vinegar over these areas.
  • Usage of sealer prolongs its life.
  • Regular resealing can go a long way in taking care of your marble wares.

Why Us?

  • We source the best quality of stones from across the world and bring it to you.
  • Having a wide range of experience, we know just what will add that bright dash of uniqueness to your home.
  • Our expert workers are trained to carry out the installation to perfection and have enough experience for innovative solutions.
  • Both indoor and outdoor work is done by us at a cost effective price point.
  • Our premium quality stones are best in the business.
  • We are fully licensed to carry out all sorts of construction and renovation work.

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